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From games to social networking, the app store seems to hold an infinite number of apps to try. However, not all apps center around playing games or keeping up with your friends’ latest updates. In fact, there are apps available to you that make you do more than stare at a screen and are beneficial for your health. Below you will find the top five apps, that will get you away from a vegetative state and help you start reaching your health goals.

  1. Mediation Studio (Both iOS and Android)

Mediation Studio helps to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, increase sleep and even help you handle future stressors in a better way. The app contains over 400 guided meditations led by 30 different experts that walk you through the entire mediation process.

Its success has shown in not only its reviews but its rewards. The app has been recognized in the 50 Best Apps of the Year by Time Magazine, and in the 10 Best Apps of the Year in the Apple App Store.

  1. Sleep As Android (Android Only) OR Sleep Cycle (iOS Only)

A crucial component of maintaining good health is getting enough sleep. The app on your phone can track your sleep patterns based on how often you move or how much noise you make throughout the night. Both Sleep As Android and Sleep Cycle are great choices if you are looking to track your sleeping patterns. Both apps compile your data and show your stats on sleep patterns.

  1. MyFintnessPal (Both iOS and Android)

MyFitnessPal is an app that helps you keep a log of everything that you have eaten throughout the day. This app has a food database that has over 5 million entries. By logging your food, you can easily count calories and monitor your daily intake. The app can also create a breakdown of all of your meals percentages of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbs, etc.

  1. Edo (Both iOS and Android)

This app allows users to scan barcodes on supermarket food. With each scan, the user is then told what exactly is in the food, from its nutrients to its vitamins. By using an algorithm, the app is able to analyze the nutrients based on previous studies and is then able to rate the food on a scale of healthiness.

Edo helps you make a conscious decision to pick food that you know the exact contents of. By utilizing this app, it allows you to take control of the food you buy, prompting you to make healthier choices.

  1. Moves (Both iOS and Android)

Moves is an app that uses your phones GPS functions and accelerometer to keep track of the distance you have traveled and the calories you have burned. With this app, you can track your steps throughout the day with having to pay the hefty fee associated with a fitness tracker.

While there are many more apps available in the app store, these apps are the best when you are looking to jumpstart your health in the right direction.